Advanced Numerical Analysis

Engineering and Innovation
At CECL we pride ourselves on taking a pragmatic approach and building upon decades of experience.

Dr Andrew Mar is our head of discipline for Advanced Numerical Modelling and an internationally recognised expert in his field. Following a period modelling instability problems in the oil and gas industry, the last 20 years of his career have been dedicated to the numerical analysis of tunnels and underground space and he is currently writing the NAFEMS Guidance Book on Geotechnical Finite Element Modelling for Sprayed Concrete Tunnels.

We continually strive to strike an appropriate balance between modelling complexity and time. Deadlines are always challenging, and we have developed tools and techniques which enable complex problems to be meshed, analysed and designed in timescales previously thought to be impossible. Our capability is based upon a wealth of experience.  Our staff have helped to deliver the detailed design of many of the most prestigious projects in the UK including HS1 (North Downs Tunnel), King’s Cross, Heathrow T5, Lee Tunnel, Crossrail C510 and most recently Tideway West. All these projects were undertaken in a design and construction environment which enabled us to access monitoring data and field records – crucial for verification, validation and continuous improvement of our modelling strategies.

Before embarking upon any analysis, we ensure that we carefully consider buildability and sequencing, and only then will we decide on our approach to the numerical analysis. In some cases, a simple 2D model may be perfectly adequate. However, where we have complex interaction between multiple tunnels, complex multi-stage 3D models using highly advanced constitutive models are essential.